Albacron 4

Coming in early 2020

A New Series of Five Books


 Albacron: #4 The Others

Fourth in a Series

If absolute power corrupts absolutely? If wealth is the root of all evil? Where will it all end 700 years from now? It ends in the land of The Others … or does it?


An open, flying platform cruiser followed the Pecos River. The pilot grasped a golden crossbar attached to the deck by a gray vertical rod. The craft flew north above the river surface from where the old village of Roswell in the old State of New Mexico used to lie seven hundred years ago.

A red, white, and blue uniformed man followed the lazy curves of the old river until he saw a sand spit ahead strewn with debris. Hovering over the right-side embankment, he surveyed the spit area. A beach umbrella lay half-submerged at the water’s edge. Seven fold-up beach chairs sat empty, three turned over. A beach blanket and several towels had been blown to the river and lay scattered near the umbrella.

I see only five towels. There should be seven. Perhaps the others blew into the water.

He landed, removed his blue flight helmet, and tapped behind his right ear. “Commander Hamal to Flight Commander Cassandra.”

“Commander Cassandra.”

“I found where Deneb, Alcyon, Meri Diana and the children picnicked. There’s no sign of them. It looks like the site has been disturbed by winds and nothing else. I don’t see their heliocraft anywhere.”

“Use your Qualitative Data Analyzer. They may have set their craft on invisible mode. I can’t imagine them leaving without picking up everything. Maybe they went aboard their helio to look at a before-the-Great-War motion picture. You know how Deneb loves them. ”

“Will do. Hamal out.” He pulled his hand-sized, rectangular QDA from a hip pocket and looked at it. Tapping a button on the right side, the little aqua-colored screen popped on. He scanned the area with it until an orange blip shone on a little hillock away from the river.

After tapping three buttons, the saucer-shaped heliocraft appeared on the right slope of the hillock.

“No life signs,” he muttered. He stepped off the cruiser platform, set his helmet on it, and walked toward the heliocraft. Tapping another button and turning a dial, he stopped. There’s no organic matter aboard.

He spun and hurried back toward his cruiser but stopped when he spied a cooler. He knelt and opened it. Stuffed with food. He looked around. Something interrupted them. They would have eaten before going off exploring with Electra’s children.

Hamal rose and hurried back to the cruiser. Climbing aboard, he scooped up his helmet, slipped in on, and turned one last time to the beach scene. Someone took them against their will. It would take several to subdue them all. Deneb and his wife Alcyon were distinguished fighter pilots during the Second Liberation. Who could have done this?

He flew back toward the Lookout Mountain base. Kidnapped? We have no enemies since the fall of Albacron six years ago. Wait until Madame Premier President finds out that her brother and four children have been taken from her. Hasn’t Electra suffered enough since she re-established the new America fifteen years ago? I’m afraid she’s not going to take this well.

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