Yosemite Valley Suite


Coming in 2020


A collection of 23 poems about the beauties of one of our most beloved national parks, Yosemite Valley. First poetically written about by John Muir in the 1800s.

Here is one example:


Bridal queen in nature’s veil,

Spilling forth your offset stream.

Splendor making spirits sail,

Essence shining forth to gleam.

The steam of ice-cold flow,

Swirls as mist above your rim.

Dancing, whirling, hazy show,

Enchanting drops enticing whim.

Pirouetting wedded beads,

Strung on weaves of pleasing thoughts.

Coaxing, teasing, tempting deeds,

Titillate our feelings caught.

Nuptial peace our hearts do weave,

Marriage pending to our souls.

Vow sown-in as planted seed,

To bond our soul … to give control.

Streaming liquid in ribbon pose,

Rushing down to form the veil,

Streaking to a dissipating close,

Evaporates in airy jail.

The wind-blown veil swings left …

And moves again to right …

To signify our queen’s bereft,

Whose mated one is out of sight.

 We stand and gaze upon her veil,

Whose beauty makes the world seem pale.

Imagination must take place,

To view her lovely wedded face.

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