portrait01_med Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I have published eBooks, but they’ve been pulled for re-launch later with accompanying print versions. I have also achieved professional editing status. Check my editing services under the “EDITING” tab. They are the most thorough for the most affordable prices.

Here are seven current writing/re-writing projects. (Click on pics to learn more and see samples)

If you’re a writer looking for some free help, check out my blog, Writing-Mastery.com.


The Writing Mastery Series

Two books in the series to be titled The Writing Mastery Series will come out in the summer of 2018: Mastering the Craft and Grammar and Style [based on The Chicago Manual of Style].



Capitolium: #1 The Heart of the One

First in a Trilogy

The Hunger Games without the games. Where humankind’s inhumanity to humankind is the game in the 28th Century—and where wealth rules all! Could this be our future?



Anthology: Life on Regency Street

Seventeen stories about emboldened women breaking glass ceilings from 1800 to 1836.


Anthology: Life on Victoria’s Street

Twenty-two stories about emboldened women breaking glass ceilings from 1837 to 1901.


Please check my bio for more information on me (and my lovely wife)

I write almost exclusively about empowered women and girls who strove to break nineteenth-century glass ceilings.

Thank you and enjoy exploring my site.

All written material on this site is copyrighted and can only be reproduced with permission from the author, Eugene Orlando.

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