Albacron 1: Heart of the One

If you think the election of a president can’t lead to the undermining of the greatest democracy on Earth, then you should see what the future could look like 700 years after the last President of the United States was elected. It’s George Orwell’s 1984 on steroids meeting The Hunger Games, only without the games. It is a nightmarish scenario where history has culminated in seven centuries of wealth exploiting poverty! Well, what if poverty fights back?




Yankee Tigress 1: Attorney-At-Law

In 1862, Samantha Lee apprentices to take the Maryland Bar exam to be the first female lawyer in the country. A staunch abolitionist from a plantation-owning family, her ambitions in jurisprudence are interrupted by the Civil War. She is torn between the decision to practice law and one of a more violent nature. This first novel in a series about women treading in areas of a society where men dared them to walk, is Roots meets To Kill a Mockingbird and “Me Too” meets “Black Lives Matter.”


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