Albacron 1: The Heart of the One

Want to know where the present-day political phenomenon might lead? The Hunger Games without the games. Where humankind’s inhumanity to humankind is the game in the 28th Century. Where history has culminated in seven hundred years of wealth ruling and exploiting poverty! Well—what if poverty fought back?



Albacron  2: The Keepers of Tyranny

What if the rich do get richer? What if the poor do get poorer? Where will it all end 700 years from now? It ends in a land called Albacron… or does it?



Albacron 3: The Guardians of Justice

After 700 years of a golden age for the elite … After 700 years of another dark age for the destitute … What if the rich became complacent? What if the poor awakened to reality? How would the formula change? It may cause an upheaval in the land called Albacron… or will it?



Albacron 4: The Others

If absolute power corrupts absolutely? If wealth is the root of all evil? Where will it all end 700 years from now? It ends in the land of The Others … or does it?


Albacron 5: Sojourner

If exploration is our destiny … if knowledge is our goal … then why not go out and seek it? It will lead us to the truth … or will it?

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